Simon came into the workshop knowing that he’d not yet seen an engagement ring that’d be perfect for Sara. He’d done his homework really well. He had bought photos of the rings she wears everyday, they were very traditional with an Art Deco feel. After looking through numerous images of engagement rings made previously at MaxDiamonds workshop we found one that fit the bill perfectly as our start of Sara’s engagement ring.

Taking budget and details into account, we sourced numerous options of diamond that would be the start of our ring. Three GIA emerald cut stones were chosen from our options at Simon’s next visit. That then that enabled us, with stone measurements to hand to start with our CAD design. We agreed quite quickly with regards to a heavy rub over setting, but it was the side cut out detail we needed to see a little more than that CAD image would allow.

Two resin models were made and with diamonds sitting in each Simon quickly decided on Sara’s ring. In this time Simon cunningly drew around the inside of a few of Sara’s original rings. With this ‘art work’ we had a great idea of her finger size. The 18ct yellow gold and platinum ring was cast and over the next few weeks it was prepared, set and polished all in-house at MaxDiamonds workshop,

The result speaks for itself and we couldn’t have been happier when Simon sent us an Instagram link to the moment in a beautiful Scottish distillery when he popped the question!

Since that event and not too long ago, both Simon and Sara came back to visit our workshop. It was great to finally meet Sara and to hear how well Simon had done in designing a ring which suited her personality so well.

We spoke about wedding ring designs and I could see Simon breathe a huge sigh of relief to give Sara the reigns this time around!

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